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   LCD 26”, 32” and 42” TVs all come with inbuilt star TV decoders making it inventive as with one TV set you can watch many more channels just pay a reasonably priced access fee.

   Our CRT 21” TV set also comes with an inbuilt decoder giving its similar advantages as the LCDs .
   Our very affordable decoder is weather friendly and movable. A plug and play device that require no dish installation but a simple indoor antenna where we have good signal We also provide external antenna and cables for areas where there is obstruction of signal due to hills and rocks .

   Our promotion package include our one month free subscription, one year warranty for decoders, LCDs CRTs and others accessories.
   We also offer installment payments of our products to corporate bodies.

Product Advantage- Decoder
机顶盒.jpg 室外天线.jpg
   Weather Friendly
   No Dish
   Cheaper then other pay-tv
    – Decoder:NGN9000
    – Outside Antenna(10m Cable): NGN3000
    – Basic Bouquet: NGN1000/per month
    – Premium Bouquet: NGN1800/per month
   One Year Warranty
Product Advantage- CRT & LCD TV
  Decoder built-in
   Weather Friendly
   No Dish
   One Remote Control - Easy to Use
   More Digital Channels than Other brand LCD TV and CRT
   Access Fee N4,500 Only
    – N4,500 cheaper than ordinary TV
   One Year Warranty
   Low Power Consumption
   USB Access (LCD)
   PC Monitor (LCD)